"It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and I'm all out of gum."
- Duke Nukem

Get in the zone and get your daily zen moment drifting sideways.

Drift through a procedurally generated world full of obstacles in the zen mode or take on level mode and see if you have what it takes to become a drift legend.

Simple touch control, left and right with auto accelerate.

Endless twists and turns: Play non stop and try to beat your friend's top score with Game Center!

Relax, drift, enter the zone.

Drift Zen Racer


The road is yours, you own it while drifting sideways. No one can tell you what is wrong or right, all you live for is speed and the rush you'll get, while smoking everyone else.

Swerve from side to side is the key to top the high score. Avoid incoming traffic, obstacles the police and a lot more. Pickup points on the road, and don't get you car smashed.

Drift Punk


Square Dash is a game of cooperation. You need to keep your self close to your lifeline to survive. Your lifeline gives you more time to live, and time is necessary to set a higher score.

Staying close to your lifeline is crucial.

It may look easy, but to dodge objects and pickup gems while also having to keep an eye on the time, is a big challenge.

Square Dash


A game inspired by the fearless and half mad daredevils who jump from incredible heights into the open air and literally fly wearing only a wingsuit.

The game is simple; Jump from the tallest cliff on Mount Never Rest and dodge incoming objects to avoid taking damage. Fly through the rugged landscapes of Mount Never Rest and feel the adrenalin pumping through your veins. The more danger your expose yourself to the more points you get.

How long can you survive...



Drift Club Racer puts the pedal to the metal with the much anticipated launch of its sequel.

Own every corner; when you conquer the more than 20 worldwide tracks at blistering speed!

It's about pure driving skills. You start as a rookie with zero fans, BUT if you have what it takes, you will end as a drift god with the whole world adoring you.

Drift Club Racer 2


Bank Shot Bomber is all about making as many bank shots as possible before the bomb explodes.

Flick the bomb across the board and finish your shot hitting a monster - Succes equals points and multiplier score, failure gives you a hard time beating your best score.

5 different gameplay modes, including all sorts of explosives and many more wacky things to throw with.

Bank Shot Bomber


It's all about speed and agility when you take control of little dragon. Survive waves of monsters while jumping around platforms.

Grab chewing-gum it's Little Dragons source of energy. SMASH, SHOOT, BOMB and BLAST monsters and collect coins to buy new ammo.

Explore this one stage game with different unique level designs - beat the higscore and be a true dragon master.

Little Dragon


Welcome to Joe's world.

Play with Joe and his friends in 3 different games.

Collect score in all 3 games to unlock funny animated trophies on the soundboard.

Checkout the youtube video to see the three gameplay modes

Joe and his friends


Sheep on trampolines are here to help you collect your coins. You control the trampolines and the sheeps are doin the jumping. Spin, curve, shoot the sheeps in the direction you want them to go. Take part in this unique sheep game with hours of fun and challenging gameplay - the sheep will love you for it.

Sheep on trampolines is challenging physics based gameplay with two gameplay modes.



Drift Club Racer is an old school (top down view) race game as its best, spiced up with the latest in race styles and techniques.

Drift around corners at blistering speed and make your tires scream for more - See the smoke billowing from your wheels while executing the perfect drift.

Drift Club Racer is all about setting the fastest lap times and being the best at drifting on the face of the planet! Unlock new tracks and challenges as you gain points.